In 2012 Hamilton Wenham GREEN, in partnership with The Hamilton Wenham Open Land Trust, started a Community Garden next to Pingree Park in Wenham.

We built raised beds, filled them with compost, spread woodchips and built a picnic table and a deer fence.

Since then we have expanded the garden every year and are over 40 beds and have a brand new shed. In 2016 we plan to add to our 2 extra-high beds with another 2 for any gardeners who would find it difficult to garden without a high bed.
Each bed is in full sun and is 4 feet wide and 12 feet long.
We test the soil each year and adjust pH (as required) to get the best potential growing environment.
You will never have a better chance to try your hand at growing your own food. We hope you will join us!

Project sponsors provided funds, materials or in-kind services. They include:
New England Grassroots Environmental Fund
Brick Ends Farm
New England Biolabs
Jolie Tea
Mayer Tree
Hamilton-Wenham Family Chiropractic
Corliss Brothers
Green Meadows Farm
Grassy Roots

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